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Our approach with design is always aimed towards two things: a beautiful end product and a happy customer.  Whether a few selections are being made or an entire home design is needed, careful attention to detail is paid at every step of the way.  This services includes architectural design, additions, space planning, renovations, custom kitchen design, custom bath design, woodwork, mantels and fireplaces, built-ins, tile, flooring, wall finishes, appliances, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, door and cabinet hardware, and any other surface that needs to be touched.  Our process ensures an open dialogue with the client, adherence to budgets and schedules, as well as amazing craftsmanship and style.  Tailored uniquely for each client, our style is fluid, but core principals and techniques connect the craftsmanship and overall feel of each project, making them unique to our firm's aesthetic. 

We also specialize in boutique and small Commercial Interior design, including boutiques, shops, restaurants, small hotels, offices, and other spaces of the like.  The experience a client has walking into your establishment has a profound effect on how they view and interact with your business, so we can work together to get your exact message across. 


Scope of work for interior styling  can include furniture, rugs, window treatments, wall décor, horizontal surface décor, and textiles such as decorative pillows and throws.  Spatial arrangement and implementation of the design are executed with best practices in mind to make sure your house looks and functions perfectly just for you.  Commercial spaces have the ability to captivate your customer and make their time in your space an "experience", albeit a doctor's office or a restaurant.  Taking the care to cultivate your space's identity can lead to brand identity and client/employee loyalty.  Your home and your business are reflections of who you are and how you live , let's make sure the portrayal is true-to-life. 


Buyers are extremely visual when purchasing a home, so every missed opportunity to show them the home of their dreams is a missed dollar.  To prevent this unfortunate situation, we will look at all of the ways we can get your home show-ready to facilitate a timely and profitable sale.  Ranging in scope from rearrangement of existing furniture and décor to outfitting an entire new build, we can paint the picture that the market demands.   Fully-staged homes that choose to can offer the full stage package as "for sale" with the purchase of the home. 


Captivating buyers is of the utmost importance, both when building a spec home as well as selling an existing home on the market.  Artwork can show what a current build will look like upon completion, or show the potential of a property post-renovation.  Once the goals of the drawings are established, renderings are executed to open the minds of buyers across the market.  This service works both in digital form as well as physical prints on site, and are a great low-investment/large return marketing tool.


Past the drapes and couches, we offer a unique service to help make the transition into your new space as easy as staying at a B+B.  Our Concierge services accommodate the activities that happen in a home when real life takes over - eating, drinking bathing, sleeping.  There are a lot of decisions and sourcing required in finding all of your day to day essentials like flatware and bed linens, and taking advantage of this service can take all of that off of your list of to-dos.  You can just move right in with washed dishes and bed sheets.  Sounds like a dream, right?


If you are looking for some help making decisions and selections, or looking at a building or home's potential, our Consultation Service is a perfect service to add to your project.  Charged on an hourly basis, our expertise in fixtures, finishes, products and selections for both inside and outside can be tapped into without having to make a full design commitment.  This service also serves realtor/brokers well, offering as a service to their clients to explore ways to make their home or building more marketable.