Let us count the ways....

  • Someone looking to design an entire home or commercial building to suit their individual or company needs.

  • A homeowner looking to update the look of their kitchen, bath, or entire home, from woodwork and tile to paint and hardware. 

  • A homeowner who loves their home, but the space does not suit their needs and need help re-imagining the functionality.

  • A business owner looking to update their business space and attract their ideal clientele.

  •  A homeowner or renter looking to update their d├ęcor, ranging from rugs and furnishings to plants and plates. This could be as small as a single room to an entire home.

  • A home builder or developer looking to have interior design performed for a spec unit or building.

  • A commercial or residential buyer in the real estate market looking at the outfitting potential of a commercial building or home.

  • An  out-of-town buyer looking to purchase a second home in the area would benefit from the Concierge service, which facilitates a turn-key destination and takes some of the legwork out of preparing and stocking an additional home.

  • A contractor with a new build looking to show the potential buyers what the spaces feel like populated with furniture and furnishings.  Adding warmth and a sense of home can help nail the hopeful sale, and furnishings can be added as an offered package upon sale.

  • A realtor or broker who wants to offer their clients a trusted professional to quicken the timeline and add profit to a sale.

  • And any project in between!  

Any of the above whose project is not located in the Northern Indiana/Southern Michigan are encouraged to speak with Paladin, as  potential travel would be entertained.